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The Process Involved In Connecting The Apple-watch With Android

These days, it is almost impossible to imagine the world or life without electronic gadgets. From bed to bed, people are using several electronic gadgets for various purposes. In such a list, there are many brands already and now becoming popular with electronic gadgets.

Understanding these, most people are looking for connecting it with the other devices to make it more useful for different purposes. In the list, Apple is one of the brands that is leading in recent days when it comes to electronic gadgets.

Therefore, several people are looking to connect Apple watch with Android, and this is possible when you are following these processes.


Steps to connect apple watch with android

You need to ensure that the Apple phone is in the proper setup and connection. For the connection process, you should start with the iPhone to set up the Apple watch and connect it with the LTE network of the carrier.

Turn off all the devices like Apple Watch, Android phone, and iPhone. With the help of the SIM card tool, remove the SIM card from your iPhone. Place the SIM card of your iPhone into the Android phone and switch on the mobile.

When the android phone is on, you can now connect the network of the mobile carrier with the iPhone watch. When you are successful with this process, you will find that the Android device is connected with the carrier like before and that the Apple watch will be connected as per your desire.


Now, you can again get calls and receive it in the apple watch even when your android phone is the primary device for you and the SIM.

These are the common steps; you should follow for establishing the connection between these two devices.

After the connection

Even after the connection, both the devices will not communicate with each other in the technical aspects. Therefore, you need to set up the Apple watch with the LTE means, and it will no longer be an iPhone to do the primary functions. You should also be prepared to see the loss in functionality of LTE that will drain the Apple Watch.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, you now have some idea to establish the connection and use Apple Watch with Android phones. Ensure you are following the process in the right way to achieve the goal.