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Establishing the Connection Between the AirPods and PS4

These days, most people are aware, and they are looking for different options for using electronic gadgets. To enhance the features and facilities in them, they look for connecting several devices together.

In the list, you can commonly look for connecting the AirPods and ps4. The wireless headphones are a great option when it comes to establishing a connection with the AirPods produced by Apple.

The sad news is that the device will not directly connect with the PlayStation4 or ps4. However, there are options to connect with it when you are using the right third party Bluetooth adapter. So, here you can find the right steps to Connect airpods to ps4 without adapter.


Step 1: Turn on the device

When you should establish the connection between the PlayStation4 and Airpods, the first thing you need to do is turn on the PlayStation4. Now, turn on the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port that you can find in front of the PlayStation4.

Step 2: Change the settings in the adapter

Now it is time to change the mode of the adapter into the pairing mode to get parried with the device. Making this step will be based on the type of adapter you are using to connect with the device. When you are not aware of it, you can look for the adapter’s manual for knowing more about this information.

Step 3: Press and hold the pairing button

Now, it is time to press and hold the pairing button, and this will look for the devices that are ready to connect in the surroundings. You can usually find this button at the back of the AirPod, and you can use it by charging the case to put it into the pairing mode.


Step 4: Automatically pairing

With these steps, you will now allow both the devices to get paired automatically. During the process, you can find the paring light on both the ends. When the pairing process is over, the Bluetooth dongle process will automatically get stopped.

Step 5: Completion of paring

When the process is over, a pop-up message will be displayed on the screen of the playstation4 and this is the indication. The set is complete now, and you can proceed with the game now.

By now, you might have understood the process to Connect airpods to ps4. What are you still waiting for? It is now the right time to get connected with the device.